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Indriyam Biologics Pvt. Ltd. is a Department of Scientific & Industrial Research (DSIR), Govt. of India certified bio-medical  firm in India and we are extremely proud to articulate that ours is the only Biotech startup working in diagnostics and therapeutics of snake envenomation in India. As a research-led biotechnology firm, we have set ‘Snake Envenomation’ as our priority area in which we want to build our signature, lead and be accountable for change. Our Past, Current & Future forays in domestic & global arena are guided by a vision of “Quality life for snake bite victims”. At Indriyam R&D, we are focusing to revolutionize antivenom production by enhancing the scientific knowledge and incorporating novel technological protocols to make products better, safer and economic.

Indriyam also signed its focus to incorporate green energy in everyday life through production of localized biodiesel from waste oil as feedstock.  We guarantee that our automated Biodiesel processor converts waste oil to sustainable biodiesel, neither re-entering the food chain nor polluting the environment. Our focused research capabilities, combined with our focus on delivering cutting edge technology products, help us for robust growth in the coming years.



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