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The virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread by close contact with someone who has COVID-19. The COVID-19 virus can also spread by touching surfaces or objects a person with COVID-19 has touched. In enclosed spaces with poor ventilation, the droplets can became concentrated enough to spread the virus to people in the area even once an infected person has left the room. Still, You can reduce infection of the coronavirus by cleaning and disinfecting the air you breath and  sterile the belongings you use at frequent intervals.

The products are designed as a daily solutions to stay safe from the Corona virus. Be prepared to maintain a new normal at your home & office space.



PUREBLAST technology


SIMPLEair is a 3 layer air filtration apparatus which makes sure no unwanted elements are mixed up in your space. Let it be odour, particles, microbes, viruses, this device gives you simple and pure air.

  • HEPA filter for effective filtration of particles including microbes & viruses

  • Activated carbon filter for toxic gases and odour

  • UV C exposure for deactivation of viruses

  • Air capacity of 600 cubic m/s

  • Dia150mm X 500mm size

  • 240V power input

  • 100W power consumption

  • Heavy duty application

  • 0.3 micron filtration

  • Suitable for medium to large rooms




UV Microbe Destroyer

VIOZAP is a UV microbe destroyer which could be used to terminate harmful viruses from your personal belongings such as mobile phones, wallets, currency notes, credit cards, keys, watches, ornaments etc. . In this pandemic condition, making sure that you won't come in contact with the virus is of prior importance. VIOZAP is a complete disinfection solution for keeping your belongings sterile.




Automated Clinical Liquid Waste Management System

The BIOZAP-50 is an automated disinfectant processor that ensures complete disinfection of the liquid waste in clinical laboratories/hospitals before it is released into the public drainage system.

  • Treats liquid waste as per the centre pollution control board guidelines

  • Has level indicators

  • Overflow alarm system

  • Controlled dosing of hypochlorite solution

  • Water tank capacity of 50 litres and hypo tank capacity of 15 litres

  • waste discharged automatically/manually

  • Compact and Easy to Install

For more info., please contact

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