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"In a global perspective every 5 minutes – approximately 50 people are bitten by a snake, of whom 25 people will be envenomed (injected with venom),

4 will be permanently disabled and 1 will die"

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We believe that snake bite victims too

deserve a better life

Indriyam Care is exclusively dedicated to develop new strategies and technologies to mitigate snake envenomation in a national and global perspective. Innovative and novel diagnostics devices and kits for snake envenomation identification are under development and will hit the market soon.We are networking with various global scientific group and institutions for the purpose of snake bite initiatives.

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In 2021, we will come up with the first technology release of our product, V-SENS - a diagnostic device that can used for the species specific identification of snake envenomation both quantitatively and qualitatively in a few seconds of time (project was funded by BIRAC, Govt. of India, under IIPME scheme). This will help the user to quickly identify the venomous status of bite victim.

We misson to combat snakebite deaths over the next 10 years by producing right and well-made and region specific antivenom in Indian and African market. We are modernizing antivenom production by enhancing the science and applying technology to make products better, safer and cheaper. This strategy is first of its kind  to develop region wise anti snake venom for better cure

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Are you ready to take the control of future of snake envenomation mitigation?

if yes, let's join hands with Indriyam!

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