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A road map to our destination !

Hello! I’m Dr. Ansawara Krishnan, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Indriyam Biologics Pvt. Ltd., and I’m happy to launch our blog through this inaugural post.

As for the origin of the name, we are Indriyam Biologics….designed to sense! Rigveda opines, ‘Indriyam is that knowledge we confer upon to live wisely'. Indriyam is Vijñāna, the wisdom!

It all started with a group of dream weavers who have lots of passion for research in their heart and the spirit of entrepreneurship in their attitude. The seeds we sowed for our entrepreneur mission as ‘Indriyam Biologics Pvt. Ltd.’, has sprouted and get rooted by team effort. The journey has started towards a long term destination with a great vision, which is enduring. The road won’t be smooth or easy, but we chose to drive tirelessly. Indriyam Biologics is a space to incorporate our dreams and innovations into work. The academic level researches highlights the sweet spot of many public challenges, but it less hit to common man with deliverables. At INDRIYAM, we look beyond publications. We declare the purpose of our company to thrive on R&D, serve the society with innovative products and thereby contribute to society by answering many persistent challenges that have social relevance.

Indriyam Biologics officially flagged off its journey on 10th July 2017 by Dr. B. Ekbal, Member, Planning Board, Govt. of Kerala. The event was aimed to celebrate the formal commencement of Indriyam Biologics. It was attended by a panel of Honorary Fellows of Indriyam and invitees from different field of interest. Thanks to TIMed, SCTIMST for the space and facilities providing to young entrepreneurs in medi-tech field to incubate their venture.

At Indriyam Biologics, we focus to deliver innovative smart devices to shape a better diagnostic future for neglected diseases in our country. But our people cares about a lot more than just technology. Our innovations and products not only meet the current market needs, but have SOCIAL and economic impact.

The other prime area of focus is on the processes and products for biocatalysts based industries in food, oil and biofuel sectors. Our technology in pipeline will serve as next-generation replacements for conventional petrobased fuels in India.

Indriyam is not just the commitment and passion of our heart, it is ultimately our attitude and responsibility. Our road map follows a ‘winning together’ policy to achieve success and stability. We believe in success stories- but know that no one climbs a ladder accidentally.

In the coming posts, I will detail more about our innovations, technologies and products. So join us, read, share and comment.

Until our next posting, thank you for reading.

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