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SnakeHub is an Android App developed by team Indriyam as our social initiative. It is a free database to provide an insight on snakes in two languages, both Malayalam and English. We provide it for free to ensure it reaches to maximum possible audience across the globe. It is designed to provide the best possible arrangement of species and content in their respective pages so that users can navigate through the contents without any difficulty. It is free from adds and notifications so as you read about snakes without distracting your attention. App is optimised to provide you text in offline mode too, just open species pages once in internet network and you can access the texts of those species in offline mode. 

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Our database covers all 114 species of Kerala which have been scientifically verified using reliable kind of literatures. We have tried to furnish the best possible available photos of species and their key characters which in turn shall serve as an important tool for detailed and accurate learning. Our quest for more data and photographs will never end and we shall keep updating newer and better information whenever they are necessary. 

In order to familiarize the users about the toxicity of various species, we have provided colour coding using 4 colours: green for non-venomous, yellow for mildly venomous, orange for venomous (usually non-fatal) and red for venomous (potentially fatal). Same colour coding is available for species placed in the gallery where thumbnails have been provided which can be scrolled. You will find a vertical streak on the right edge of thumbnails which will give an idea about the toxicity of species without opening their species pages.

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Apart from the species pages, we have provided buttons to take you to other informative pages like About Snakes, Snake Identification, Snakebite, Snake Conservation, etc. to provide a fundamental idea about snakes. To help users we have furnished a simple list of hospitals capable of treating snakebites and also the names of local snake rescuers who can help in safely removing the snakes. Snake nerds will find the Snakes of Kerala checklist in PDF version with some basic statistics. In Snake FAQs we have compiled some popular doubts and also provided their logical-scientific answers. We understand that doubts related to snakes will be much more than the ones we provided and hence we persuade our users to raise more doubts so that we can clarify them and keep on updating our knowledge about snakes.  

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