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Investigation on venom composition converges towards the general concept that venoms are composed of about 100 to 500 pharmacologically active compounds. Considering these numbers, there are about 10 to 50 million natural compounds that can be used for drug discovery. Nevertheless, less than 0.01% of these compounds have been identified and characterized and a large proportion of toxins act on unknown receptors.

Test Tubes

As a group in the field of applied venomics research, we realize the dynamics and importance of this sector. Indriyam -together with pan-Indian network of our associations and potential funding partners- plan to establish a 'Snake Venom Drug Discovery Unit' in India for the first time, to translate world-class venomic research into novel drugs targets and diagnostics candidates. Our mission is to make the translation of venomics science research into therapeutic applications more efficient and successful, so that areas of unmet need can be better addressed. Our objectives are simple: to convert biomedical venomic research into candidate medicines and diagnostics tools to thoroughly exploit the potential of unexplored therapeutic targets and untried scientific techniques.

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