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Indriyam Fuel is the bioenergy division of Indriyam, which is engaging in manufacturing and marketing of small scale bio-diesel processors in India. We innovate most advanced technologies for bio-diesel production from the widest array of locally available feed stocks (used cooking oils, animal fats and other oil refinery wastes).


Biodiesel becomes the most perspective fuel of 21st century due to its environmental friendliness, renewability & low cost. Our ultimate goal is to achieve India's largest manufacturer and distributor of mini bio-diesel machines by 2030. Now we are building our capacity in today’s bio-diesel from waste oils and working to make them more sustainable.

Indriyam stands out from many other technology providers by working together with the customers to provide a complete strategic business model and providing a “Waste to Wealth” solutions by incorporating latest technologies with a motto to deliver solutions with low cost and maximum return on the investment.

We fuel the future with

green technology


INDHAN is an automated batch processor that will convert used cooking oil or other waste oils into premium-grade biodiesel. INDHAN is designed in various small scale capacities for its wide spectrum of customers interest. The very unique aspect is its full automation. Very little user interaction (or time) is needed. Once the machine is underway, the feedstock is transformed into high quality biodiesel through acid catalyzed esterification/base catalyzed transesterification. As long as the ingredients used are of sufficient purity, the outcome biodiesel will comply with the ASTM standard and is ready for blending in any diesel engine.

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